Topband: Stew_Perry & CQ_callers

Dave Sharred g3nkc at
Tue Jan 2 14:26:42 EST 2007

Thomas raises a good point.

I am told (and have been in correspondence with JA)  many JA's want to work
MD4K; our contest call; and I was heard in CQWW CW in JA (then using MD6V).

Even as a "big gun";  in between CQ calls, someone tries to steal your
frequency when working weak DX; so causing a frequency fight. This would
deny both me of a mult; and of course many JA with a new country (harder to
work JA from Western EU!).  Not sour grapes; just an illustration of fact.

I understand that JA still have their frequency allocation around 1910 KHz;
I would have thought that working splits would help to make these QSO's
happen ??  If JA's still used around 1910; then they have a larger choice
also of QSX frequency for EU ?

We need the opinion of JA  as to why they would rather work co-channel in
big contests

In the meantime; I will try and be QRV again the evening before CQWW 160m CW
test especially for JA


G3NKC  // MD4K

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