Topband: Remote RX antenna

Björn Mohr bm at
Wed Jan 3 13:49:48 EST 2007

How would you best set up a remote topband listening station? I want to move
my K9AY away from buildings and QRN. We own a piece of land "by the end of
the road" and I am thinking of setting up an extra RX antenna there as it
would be more quiet and in general is a better location.
Coax is out of the question but the distance is less than 1 km. I assume a
good receiver at the site and some kind of IP link so it is easy
controllable. Everything on the RX site needs to run on 12 volts. 
What kind of RX would you choose? I don't want to put the most expensive
stuff out there, but good enough to make a difference. K2? Elad RX? Other
Topband is a priority, other bands and TX is a bonus.
Would be great to hear your ideas!
73 de Björn /SM0MDG

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