Brian Miller brianmiller at
Wed Jan 24 06:53:49 EST 2007

Hi everyone

ZL6QH will be active as a multi-op station in the CW CQWW 160M DX Contest on
27/28 January 2007. The operators will be ZL2BSJ and ZL1AZE.

Please note that ZL6QH has difficulty hearing signals in the range 1815 to 1821
kHz, due to strong QRM from a local GPS correction beacon on 1818 kHz.

Our run frequency at local sunset is likely to be in the range 1830 to 1835 kHz.
Later in the evening we will attempt to find a frequency in the range 1810 to
1815 kHz or 1821 to 1825 kHz, when the band opens to JA.

Hopefully we will manage to work some West Europe stations via the long path
near our sunset time, from around 0730z to 0800. We will also be looking to work
Europeans via the short path in the period leading up to our sunrise at 1730z.

Your assistance with the following will be much appreciated:
1. Please do not call us unless you can also copy our signal.
2. Please only send your callsign once or twice, unless we request repeats.
3. Please refrain from transmitting over the top of existing QSOs with ZL6QH.

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to working many top-band
stations in the contest.

GL and 73

Brian ZL1AZE

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