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Louis Anciaux hp3xug at
Wed Jan 24 09:01:06 EST 2007

Hola All,
Since the "Dry & Windy" season is here, besides QRNN climbing well above S9
most of the time, am also under the impression the big iron I beam that
starts the gnd system at base of the vertical, is into rather dry soil now.
In looking towards somewhat limited RX capability of the ant, am thinking to
lay about 10-12 radials out (mostly all above gnd owing the base of vert is
already 1.7 mtrs above gnd), that would mostly be above gnd in the main.
Can cover about 200 deg w/ a few (10-12) radials, some skewed from a
straight line.  Realize this is a short term "fix" to this sad situation,
but "seems" it might be viable to assist an otherwise lousy situation.

>From your expert experiences, would 60-100 ft radials (10-12 in total), made
w/ #16 (only 100W xmit) be worth the effort for this weekend?  These radials
would mostly be above gnd, to clear walk-ways, etc,  Some could be attached
to a cyclone fence as well.  One will run under the Inv L line.

Appreciate your comments, and muchas gracias.
73 Louis

Louis Anciaux
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