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> Hola All,
> Since the "Dry & Windy" season is here, besides QRNN climbing well above 
> S9
> most of the time, am also under the impression the big iron I beam that
> starts the gnd system at base of the vertical, is into rather dry soil 
> now.
> In looking towards somewhat limited RX capability of the ant, am thinking 
> to
> lay about 10-12 radials out (mostly all above gnd owing the base of vert 
> is
> already 1.7 mtrs above gnd), that would mostly be above gnd in the main.
> Can cover about 200 deg w/ a few (10-12) radials, some skewed from a
> straight line.  Realize this is a short term "fix" to this sad situation,
> but "seems" it might be viable to assist an otherwise lousy situation.
>>From your expert experiences, would 60-100 ft radials (10-12 in total), 
> w/ #16 (only 100W xmit) be worth the effort for this weekend?  These 
> radials
> would mostly be above gnd, to clear walk-ways, etc,  Some could be 
> attached
> to a cyclone fence as well.  One will run under the Inv L line.
> Appreciate your comments, and muchas gracias.
> 73 Louis
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> Louis Anciaux
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When I lived in Florida on 1/2 acre, Louis, I started out with a 50' tall
Marconi (flat-top was an 80 meter dipole) using 4 elevated radials and
100 watts. It didn't work all that well. Later, I added about 20 x 100'
radials mostly in about a 180 degree sector favoring Europe. Those
extra radials seemed to make a huge improvement (worked all continents
and about 50 countries before moving away a few months later). I felt
louder at my Florida QTH than I do now from my present city lot
location in California even though I have 10dB more transmit power
(1KW vs 100W).

I say give it a try.

73, Mike W4EF................................ 

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