Topband: Logbook of the World - Tnx comments

Dave G4GED daves_shack at
Tue Jan 30 06:50:18 EST 2007

Dave wrote...>> Perhaps the QSL mgr for N8T would take note. Been waiting
>> since the 2006
>> CQWW160 for this WV direct confirmation. >
>Tom wrote...  The contact person would be K3BU or W8LRL.

Thanks Tom and the other Guys who responded to my posting.

Actually,  I am aware of the QSL route tnx, and that's what I used. I didnt 
mention the calls in my post as I didnt want it thought that I was trying to 
"name & shame".
Because I accept that there can be genuine reasons for poor QSLing, 
work/domestic problems, illness etc but if ONLY stations and or QSL managers 
who have problems with, or DO NOT QSL would make a CLEAR STATEMENT in their 
QRZ.COM bio, it would save such a lot of frustration, expense and bad 
feeling for the rest of us.
As I dont believe in feeding QSLing Black Holes, I'll just put this one down 
as another lost cause and try my luck with the next WV QSO that comes along.

I'll make this my final comment as I dont want to use up any more Reflector 
bandwidth and risk drifting too far "off topic".

Tnx for the chance to air my views!
73 Dave

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