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Tue Jan 30 17:47:52 EST 2007

> Dave wrote...>> Perhaps the QSL mgr for N8T would take note. 
> Been waiting
> >> since the 2006
> >> CQWW160 for this WV direct confirmation. >
> >
> >Tom wrote... The contact person would be K3BU or W8LRL.
> Thanks Tom and the other Guys who responded to my posting.
> Actually, I am aware of the QSL route tnx, and that's what I 
> used. I didnt 
> mention the calls in my post as I didnt want it thought that I 
> was trying to 
> "name & shame".
> Because I accept that there can be genuine reasons for poor 
> QSLing, 
> work/domestic problems, illness etc but if ONLY stations and or 
> QSL managers 
> who have problems with, or DO NOT QSL would make a CLEAR 
> STATEMENT in their 
> QRZ.COM bio, it would save such a lot of frustration, expense 
> and bad 
> feeling for the rest of us.
> As I dont believe in feeding QSLing Black Holes, I'll just put 
> this one down 
> as another lost cause and try my luck with the next WV QSO that 
> comes along.
> I'll make this my final comment as I dont want to use up any 
> more Reflector 
> bandwidth and risk drifting too far "off topic".
> Tnx for the chance to air my views!
> 73 Dave
Sorry Dave and other direct QSLers, I wanted to do nice commemorative QSLs for Tesla's 150th Anniversary, but QRL kept me busy and I wanted to combine them with this year operation.
I realize that some need the cards for various awards etc. and I will get  all directs out this week, even if I have to do it by hand (computer). 
I should also post the logs on LOTW.
Slowly recuperating from another one and thanks for all the QSOs and points in CQ 160 cw.
Again sorry about the delay and I will make cards for direct replies and get them out promply.
73 Yuri, K3BU
I do QSL for
N2T, N8T, K8V (2006)
N8T (07)

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