Topband: FT-2000 for serious TB DXing?

Chortek, Robert L Robert.Chortek at
Fri Jun 1 11:29:47 EDT 2007

Bob NYHY Wrote:

The 2 KHz numbers in the ARRL review are .....  AWFUL.

The 2 KHz BDR is 64 dB on 80 meters.
The 2 KHz IP3 is -19 dBm.  That is not PLUS 19 but MINUS 19 dBm.
The 2 KHz IMD dynamic range is 63 dB.

If I were serious about Topband enough to buy a new rig, this one would 
definitely NOT tempt me even if it does look like an FT-1000.


To put this into perspective, keep in mind that the W8JI test figures
show the IC7800, a $10,000 radio, has a 2KHZ BDR of 80db and a 2KHZ IMD
BDR of 78.  The FT2000, a $2,500 radio, has a 2KHZ BDR of 97db (17 db
"better" than the IC7800 at 1/4 the cost) and a 2KHZ IMD BDR of 74.5,
only 3.5 db less than the IC7800.    

It seems to me that these figures, while not the best, are certainly not
"awful", and are very respectable considering the difference in cost.
Also, if you look carefully at Tom's test results, you will see that on
his list, two rigs are essentially custom built, and several of the rigs
that have better test results are simply flavors of the same model, i.e.
the FT1000 MV with this or that mod.  Once you really look at the
figures, the FT2000 is a respectable performer compared to many other
radios, especially when you consider the cost.   



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