Topband: Season Opening at last

Louis Anciaux hp3xug at
Sat Jun 2 16:49:29 EDT 2007

Greetings All,

Esp to those mourning the dearth of openings.  The Summer Season has finally
arrived in good stead, even with lower props.

This AM W8JI was in QSO with VK3ZL, and both were apparently seeing less
than great sigs.  Bobby's sigs here were quite weak and barely on short QSB
peaks hitting a Q3-4.  ZL3IX was also on, but virtually no path between us
and Greg hit the sack.  A few mins later could just detect the ZL Digi (
1818.5) - which Greg indicated was 100W not 500W as previously thought.

As my 1106Z SR approached, got on 1822 and started making a little noise.
Started hearing a fast CW sig (obviously was Bobby), but a birdie wiped out
any copy.  Called him and we had a nice exchange in the QSB and QRNN here,
albeit mostly peaking Q4.  About 5 mins after SR sigs were starting to have
nice long up-QSBs and some nice 559 levels of copy both ways.  By 1120Z sigs
were starting to drop, altho the peaks were still 559, just shorter

During and in between the short QSOs we made, also monitored the ZL Digi
which was also peaking nicely 559 etc.

By 1130Z sigs from Digi were virtually nil, and Bobby w/ Ed AH2L were also
nil (none at all from Ed sadly).

Looking back in my logs, see the season is about same start time as last
year and goes well into Sept nicely.  Most of my QSOs w/ Greg ZL3IX were
prior my SR; whereas, most of the best sig levels from Bobby VK3ZL were
after SR.  Would like to attribute that to the extra 4000 Km to VK than is
from ZL.

Don't forget the Boys below the equator, as there is good activity and QSOs
to be had as the N Summer comes.  Obviously, the more Southerly USA would
likely benefit more it would seem to follow.

Regards, and see you on TB,

Louis Anciaux
info at
Louis +507-6612-7736
Yari   +507-6604-7736

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