Topband: FT-2000 for serious TB DXing?

Merv Schweigert k9fd at
Mon Jun 4 20:32:49 EDT 2007

>If you look at Tom's list after clicking on the 'sorted by IM3 'and looking
>at no 5 on the list, this a "stock" FT1000MP MKV 
>WITHOUT an Inrad roofing filter but with  the very simple NB mod done.I have
>done this easy to perform mod but I would still like to ask why is the radio
>better without the Inrad roofing filter installed? 
Raoul,  I do not know the reason why the MP is listed better without the 
roofing filter,
but I can say that my Ft-1000D is worse with the roofing filter in,  I 
am on a small
island in Hawaii, no other hams with any signal within 40 plus miles, 
and sure not in
any RF alley here at all, but when the contests are running and the 
singnals are over
S9 I can hear the "thumping sound" of strong signals up and down the 
band. I had
no such problem before installing the filter, and ran the 1000D since 
early 90's in
W9 land with many KW plus stations close by. 
So my roofing filter came out and all is back to normal.  I would say 
that someplace
there is too much gain,  I did not bother to try and figure it out as 
the fix was easy
by removing it.   Would like to hear some honest responses about the 
problem, not that yours works fine etc.  But has anyone had a problem, 
it would
appear Tom may have had experience with a problem in the MP?
Time to get the ants and gear in shape for Top Band..  73 Merv K9FD/KH6

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