Topband: Base linear load vertical .. halp needed

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Mon Jun 25 12:36:29 EDT 2007

Hi guys,
after several attempt i finally put on my garden a 60ft pole with some 60 radials to let it work as 1/4 wave on 80m.Of course i'd like to let it work even on top band, due to poor room i had to use fiber glass pole to achieve the poor height of 60ft, so i didn't have to possibility to put on top of that pole and trap to do even the 160 as inv. L (like battle creck), so i'm forced to load that antenna from the base.Right now i'm using i linear load moe or less 8mtrs high act as tringalur, the SWR are as expected quiete high without any L network but it seems to work (last week i've easly worked 3b7sp on 160), my question is is the following:do you suggest to change this kind of linear load into a simple coil at the base? I asl you this question since if the coil works quiete well i'd like to put a k9ay loop as RX antenna where now the linear load is. The second question concerns the L network : with this base load antenna configuration wich is the best L netwrok configuration to use?
Sorry for the silly questions for you antenna gurus ... but my antenna background is quiete nil.
Thanks in advance.

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