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Hello Roy,

Thanks for the information from our friend Google:) I'm aware of those WEB pages and read theme all before. I don't know if GB3SSS is till on the air but, for the proposed experiment is necessary something much more serious. A beacon to be set-up for at least 1 year. The broadcasting station from the MW should be OK but there is a little problem with an carrier amplitude modulated signal. The modulation could affect the measured amplitude of the carrier and than, instead of a steady amplitude carrier, one will see an up and down signal depending of the modulation. Only with the very narrow band (less than 50Hz) one can achieve good measurements. Another thing is to find a BC station which  is ON 24hours a day, 365 days a year! You cannot control this fact. Also, in order to evaluate correctly the propagation path loss you should know the EIRP of that station and to be sure that parameter is constant. Another factor that cannot be controlled.

73 de YO3FFF

Roy Morgan <roy.morgan at> wrote: At 08:23 AM 3/16/2007, cris blak wrote:

>I'm not aware of the active beacons on 160m (in the last 10 years I was a 
>"2m DX guy" HI). If someone can point me to a WEB page or to send me a 
>file with this information, I'll appreciate that.


I did a google search for "Beacons for 160M" and found:
A fellow has (or had) a receiver set up to answer the phone (via SKYPE). 
You can listen to his receiver on the phone as you transmit.

An experiment with a 160 M beacon during an eclipse is at:

Last September a beacon was set up to run through Feb 2007 (It may still be 
on the air, I don't know.)


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