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Herbert Schoenbohm herbs at
Thu Mar 22 16:20:11 EST 2007

Dave Raymond, W0FLS said:

> Is there merit in trying to put together a campaign to get the BY jamming
> shut down?  If some pressure came from all parts of the globe, including
> bona fide diplomatic channels, maybe that might be convincing enough.  I'm
> guessing that, realistically, the Chinese probably don't have to answer to
> anyone on this issue but perhaps they could be persuaded to shut it down.

While the experts work on blanking possibilities there is also another
approach which involves considerable activism and cross communications of

First one key to getting attention from the PRC is the NA trade agreement
issue.  Letters to Susan Schwab U.S. Trade Representative (
should begin to flow like the waters of the Yangtze River! Also gather
information as to which major US manufacturer rely on PRC components
(especially electronic and computers) and sub assemblies and began to
mobilize a boycott of all these companies devices unless PRC shuts down the

China has military ties with over 150 countries and Military Attaches in 107
others.  At least one of these is run by a licensed amateur!

Focus attention on the supplier to PRC of the jamming technology and
equipment, a Fortune 500 company in France, by the name of Thales. It is a
French state owned company.  Denis Ranque is the CEO, they have 55,000
employees working in electronic warfare and located at Neuilly-sur-Seine.
The web site is They got a big order in 2004 for the
jamming technology and they are said to still sell and support jamming
technology to PRC.  Perhaps one of French amateurs can get more a detailed
information on the methodology and location of these PRC jamming projects.

The China Daily has issued a "world peace and national defense" white paper
which is available at www.china which claims that China is being
threatened but doesn't say by whom.

Also talk to George W8UVZ at Dayton over a beer at the surf and turf place
and see what he knows from his last trip. Also I don't know why the ITU and
IARU are not on top of this but week are precluded from communicating with
them without motivating the ARRL to get on this issue.

Hope this gets some people interesting in amateur based ECM countermeasures.
It is a shame to loose a good solar cycle to a bunch of paranoid politicians
with infernal jamming machines bought and paid for and now supported by U.S.
trade and U.S. consumers through Sino-US commerce.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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