Topband: SP Hams operation from ZL7

robert briggs vk3zl at
Tue Oct 9 18:37:47 EDT 2007

Hi all.I was browsing the cluster yesterday afternoon and noted a spot 
for the ZL7 guys.I switched on the station and there they were at 0630Z 
559.I called them at once and they immediately replied.

This would be pretty normal stuff but it was 21/2 hours before my sunset.

Last night my QRN was extreme with most of central VK a mass of 
thunderstorm activity so I wasn't really able to operate.However H40MY 
came up out of the racket and I was able to make the exchange.The FO 
station was working just below him and I think there may have been a bit 
of confusion over split operation.I hope this gets sorted out so that 
everyone gets a shot at the current Oceania DX.

Good hunting......Bob VK3ZL...

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