Topband: SP Hams operation from ZL7

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Tue Oct 9 21:21:45 EDT 2007

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Subject: Topband: SP Hams operation from ZL7

> Hi all.I was browsing the cluster yesterday afternoon and noted a spot
> for the ZL7 guys.I switched on the station and there they were at 0630Z
> 559.I called them at once and they immediately replied.
> This would be pretty normal stuff but it was 21/2 hours before my sunset.
> Last night my QRN was extreme with most of central VK a mass of
> thunderstorm activity so I wasn't really able to operate.However H40MY
> came up out of the racket and I was able to make the exchange.The FO
> station was working just below him and I think there may have been a bit
> of confusion over split operation.I hope this gets sorted out so that
> everyone gets a shot at the current Oceania DX.
> Good hunting......Bob VK3ZL...

I noticed that several folks got repeatedly chided this morning with "UP 
UP!" for sending their call on H40MY's QRG when in fact they were working 
FO/N6JA who was just below him listening up ~1 KHz. I could not hear either 
Brad or Mike, but I was able to surmise the situation from the packet spots 
and the seemingly odd behavior  on H40MY's QRG. BTW, the same thing happened 
a few nights ago when ZS1JX started calling CQ DX on 3501.0 KHz while 9U0A 
was working on 3501.4 KHz :-)  The perils of DXing.

73 Mike W4EF............................. 

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