Topband: new antenna test dl7zz at
Mon Oct 15 02:43:46 EDT 2007

Hi Topbanders,
after hard work at our antennas I'm back on topband.
Last years I was able to get new ones with a 27m high tower and a V160HD (also 27mh) on top. Now the V160 is down and so we were setting up a Optibeam (33mh) and a rotary dipole for 40/30m (35mh) and a little whip for a hight at the end  of 38m.
I can't grab radials so I've to use the 2 x 12m towercross under the errected tower. It's a wet ground arround the antenna....So I hope it'll be enough.... I know not the best, but I'm in hope....hi

After a few JAs I've worked at saturday eve I was at the rig this morning and call CQ. Other Europeans were spotted by Westcoast stations, but not mine....Grrrr!
But, I couldn't believe it, something like 7RA....
Would it be possible? KL7RA called me for my last WAZone....A solid 559-QSO. Great morning!
A few other CQs and no reply till W0FLS came in...Nice 579 sigs as he said "nw 100W."
Great job!

There were some problems with our matching of the antenna and so I'd like to ask you topbanders to send some replys next days I'll be on air and give me real reports vs. signals of other Europeans....So I can get info if the new antenna work fine or not....

But for this morning I can say many thanks to Alaska for my last zone!

73s and gddx de Andi, dl7zz   

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