Topband: RA0LV address & russian callbook website

Dave G4GED daves_shack at
Mon Oct 15 12:05:53 EDT 2007

Unfortunately, this address is not entirely in agreement with that printed 
on recent QSL cards received via the Buro' from Vlad RA0LV.

The residence No: on the QSLs is 78-51 and not 84-43.
So question is, which is correct, or does it even matter?

There is a phone No included on one QSL:   +7-423-2-29-20-07. (tnx Andrei)
I wonder if one of our Russian reflectees would be so kind as to give this 
No. a ring and check the correct address direct with Vlad himself?

BTW, the QRZ.RU website translates the address into english simply by 
pressing the "Go" button immediately below the Search window.

73 Dave

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Subject: Topband: RA0LV address & russian callbook website

> RA0LV (ex. UA0LVZ)
> Vladimir Vladimirovic Visickij
> Admirala Kuznecova 84-43

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