Topband: Binocular Core

Mike(W5UC) & Kathy(K5MWH) w5uc at
Tue Oct 16 21:01:41 EDT 2007

Good Evening All:

A few weeks back I bought some mix 73 binocular cores through the 
generosity of Wolfert, WR8K, and this afternoon I finally got around 
to using one of them.  My dilemma was the insulation required to 
place in each hole to keep from scratching the enameled wire. The 
thriving metropolis of Lufkin, TX isn't quite the place one would go 
searching for teflon tubing, and it was too late to search for shrink 
tubing, even if it could be found.

After dwelling on the matter for a while I decided to cut a drinking 
straw(1/4 in diameter) lengthwise, and just slightly off 
center.  BINGO!  The larger width piece of the modified straw fits 
nicely inside the core, and wants to expand it's diameter after 
insertion, making it a nice tight fit in the core. The thin walls of 
the straw waste a minimum of the inside diameter of the hole in the 
core. I hope this is helpful to those of you looking for a simple and 
readily available solution to this problem.

Mike, W5UC

"age & treachery will overcome youth & skill" 

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