Topband: Transceiver for 160

n4is at n4is at
Fri Oct 19 14:02:34 EDT 2007

> There is something unique about this very simple analog APF that is 
> superior to the new DSP ones. The IC-7800 APF does not seem to "pop" 
> the signal out of the noise as effectively. 

Hi Guys

I'm using my IC7800 and since firm, V2.1 there is a huge improvement on the APF. The trick is to move the center of the APF to the edge of the RF BW and not in the center. My commun sets are

1- APF control on the knob.
2 - APF sofw Narrow
3 - BW 200 or 100 Hz depending on QRN
4- APF knob at 11 oclock. for low picth or ar 1 oçlok for high pitch,
5- CW pitch at 400 or 350 Hz.

When you tune the signal it will be 50 - 100 Hz bellow thw original frequency. Tuning the APF Knob in conjunction with CW picht control, there is one position the weak signal will pop up the noise.

I don't have my FT1000D any more, but the APF performance seems to be the same with the tunning above.


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