Topband: Beverage over uneven terrain

Tom McAlee tom at
Sat Oct 20 01:44:03 EDT 2007

> I am considering a beverage for 80M. Here in the mountains of western NC,
level ground is difficult.

Dale - it is probably similar to my terrain here in southwestern Virginia.
Flat land doesn't exist here.

I wouldn't worry about it.  My beverages vary as much as the terrain does.
In some directions it varies more than others.  When comparing to other
antennas (the TX antenna and a DX Engineering 4 Square), the beverages that
vary substantially show no better or worse comparison than the ones that
vary the least.

> If I follow the terrain- at a height of 6' or so

If you have deer like we do here, you might consider 9' instead of 6.  They
hop pretty high when they run through the brush and antlers tangle easily.

Tom NI1N

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