Topband: Reversible Beverage Array at OH2BEN

Tomi Laakkonen tomi.laakkonen at
Sun Oct 21 07:22:15 EDT 2007


I made a short article of my Reversible Beverage array project, which I 
want to share with Topband community. This Topband reflector is suberb, 
it gives a lot of  useful and practical information. Thanks !

My array or antenna system consists of 3 reversible Beverages and 6 
directions. I used WD1A military telephone wire (approx. 150 ohms) and  
BN73-202  transformers with 50 ohm coax feed.  Easy to build and give a 
lot of added value to low band receiving.

If interested, article is downloadable from site:

73's & GD DX de

Tom / OH2BEN    OH2BEN at

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