Topband: RA0LV Zone 19 QSL address

Dave G4GED daves_shack at
Wed Oct 31 14:16:10 EST 2007


Zone 19 on Topband is quite rare, in Western EU at least.
Vlad, RA0LV has been active on 160m recently but there's been some confusion 
expressed about his correct mailing address.

I was thrilled to receive Vlads direct QSL today for my 39th Zone on Topband 
and the address I used and printed on his QSL and written on the return 
envelope was:-

Vladimir Visitskiy,
Adm. Kuznetsova 78-51

NOTE: THE ADDRESS ON QRZ.RU IS  **NOT**  THE SAME and it remains to be seen 
if that works also?

Dave G4GED

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