Topband: IC-7000 or IC-706 mod for converting second ANT port

Eric Hilding b38 at
Wed Oct 31 12:59:46 EST 2007

VK2CCC wrote:


has anyone done modification to IC-7000 or IC-706xxx model converting

(unused) UHF antenna port to RX-only port to be used with beverages, K9AY
etc. on low bands? I would like to avoid adding an external box & relay for
switching between RX/TX antennas.


If you get stuck finding a mod, check out KD9SV’s turnkey DXped II model
preamp/switch with transceiver protection (available via


Ø  Works with Transceivers with no RX input LIKE THE icom 706.


I just purchased one of these Bad Boys to use with my TS-480 which also has
no separate RX jack.  The unit also has a switch for up to 4 separate
beverages, RX loop, etc.


Excellent, prompt service from RadioWare, BTW.




Rick, K6VVA


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