Topband: Inverted L or no Inverted L

Harold Smith w0rihps at
Sat Sep 8 21:47:05 EDT 2007

> Dave wrote:
>> If you can't slit the
>> earth and install them, make some wire hairpins and they'll soon
>> disappear as the grass grows over them.
> That's exactly what I did. I only have a limited number of radials (12) 
> for
> my shortened inverted L in my dinky backyard, but quickly learned that
> fertilizer and water are my friends. I put them on the grass and used

Alex and all,

I had to run a new power cable to a small shed located about 30 ft from our 
I  rewired it with a 3 X #12 UF cable. This is about 3/4 X 3/8 inch in the 
cross section.
Layed it on the ground in May of this year and was going to bury it.
Well, after 4 months, it is under the grass. Sure saved some digging.
73......... Price WØRI 

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