Topband: Inverted L or no Inverted L

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Alex and all,

I had to run a new power cable to a small shed located about 30 ft from our
I  rewired it with a 3 X #12 UF cable. This is about 3/4 X 3/8 inch in the
cross section.
Layed it on the ground in May of this year and was going to bury it.
Well, after 4 months, it is under the grass. Sure saved some digging.
73......... Price WØRI


I just want to warn everyone that laying radials on/in the grass is OK, but 
power cable is not.

Most US electrical codes require direct burial cable to be at least 2 feet 
below ground surface and cable or wires in conduit have to be 1 foot below 
ground surface.
Our local utility company goes 4 feet down for HV direct burial electric 
lines and 2 feet down for low pressure natural gas lines as well.
To me this is for obvious safety reasons.  I would hate to hit a 240 volt 
cable with a lawn mower or a garden tool.
(Zap zap!)

Just my 240 volts worth....   73,

George    K8GG

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