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Mon Feb 4 14:11:14 EST 2008

I was asked to post my findings.

The email was from W1HEO.  I sent him an email and got a reply.

Now the "say what" part of all this.

He said that I being a member of the "160M DXCC HONOR ROLL ", he was requesting that I answer the survey for an article he was writing for DX MAGAZINE.

Now where does it say I am that HIGH on the 160M DXCC ladder.   In fact I am way down there at about 145-150, a long ways to go to the top.  I am not in much of a position to give much advice on 160M being one of those in line to ASK questions of those in the front of the line.

End result, I chose NOT to answer the survey, deleted the email in question, then went back to the bands to chase DX. I will let the MUCH more knowledgeable 160M operators answer such surveys from which I hope to learn more about this fun band.

I want to thank those who did respond to my question..

Arne N7KA

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