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Mon Feb 4 15:09:00 EST 2008

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From: "George Taft" <w8uvz at>
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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 11:23:55 -0500
Subject: Low Band action from PJ4

Hi Gang

Just a quick note to deserving in the Pacific on 160 m.

We are trying daily on 1824 for JA/Pac from 1015Z and have been
successful with 4-5 stns in JA.  Condx don't seem the best but we will
continue that routine for the remainder of our 3 days on the island.

Our official SR is 11Z but we are hearing most of the JA stns just
after our SR (1104 - 1108Z).  Operation will continue simplex unless
we hear multiple stns calling us.  We are QRV on the low band chat
site when we are operating.

We have a 500' beverage toward western USA and Pac.

For EU, we have a pennant in that direction and seem to be hearing
most of the callers (we think).

Reports are appreciated

73  George  W8UVZ (K8GG & KD9SV)

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