Topband: Ducie Expedition

n5ia at n5ia at
Mon Feb 4 20:05:01 EST 2008

Hello everyone from Tahiti.  It is just like the photographs.  Beautiful.

All the team is here now.  One set of luggage left in LAX, but that is the
extent of the miscues thus far.

The team had lunch a couple of hours ago with a number of the local FO hams who
have been assisting with translation (French) and ferrying us from place to
place.  They are great.

The first official team meeting will be just after sundown at 7 PM local.

Our flight to Managareva is at 5:40 AM local, so it will be a short night.  We
will meet the Braveheart in Mangareva tomorrow about noon.

If the schedule continues as planned, exactly 1 week from right now (late
afternoon / early evening local) VP6DX should come on the air.

Please read the operating instructions in the last news update on the VP6DX

73 to all.  This will be the last message until we come on the air.

Milt, N5IA  in beautiful Papeete, Tahiti

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