Topband: Using 160 meter 3/8 wave L on 80 meters.

Wed Feb 6 10:46:37 EST 2008

Years ago I used my 160 meter 3/8 wave inverted L on 80  meters with very 
good results. For 80 meters I used a  L/C (coil-variable capacitor)  at the base 
of the vertical leg which  was in the basement next to the rig making it easy 
to tune. This also made  it easy to switch back to the 160 vertical which I 
tuned with a variable  capacitor.  It played very well as I worked all over the 
world on CW  and SSB with only 100 watts on 75/80 meters from the Midwest 
(Iowa).    The inverted L was up about 50 foot with the wooden tower 30 foot from 
the house  so the vertical leg was more of a sloper than a true L but it 
seemed to play  well both on 80 and 160. Jim WØNFL 

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