Topband: Inverted L

Ron sparkrohan at
Wed Feb 6 09:48:01 EST 2008

Thanks for all the fine input, gentlemen. BTW, my inv L trails down along a simple pipe mast. It is about 45' vertical and slopes away from the mast, at a slight angle. The horizontal is tied to a nearby tree! I have only about 16 radials, and measure 43ohms at the feed (with the 259B). However, I find it quite easy to work into Europe and JA. Conditions have been poor in the past 48 hours, but I have had reports of Q4/5 from the US. Presently, I am working on stringing up a separate rx antenna. I can be found live (HI) at the site during my sunrise/sunset. 
  80/75m has been great. That si why I'd love to get this antenna to work on that band as well. Hope to work you all soon. I am here for another 3-4 weeks max, then back to Boston - confined to echolink!
  Thanks again!
  73 de Ron, 4S7RO (ex 6Y5/4S7RO, 2000-2007) 

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