Topband: DSL line disconnect on topband

Jim Brown jim at
Wed Feb 6 11:55:01 EST 2008

On Wed, 06 Feb 2008 09:31:37 -0500, N2TK wrote:

>Do you think the problem is a Netgear problem or having the
>capability in a router for wireless?

It is a Netgear problem. Lots of hams have wireless hubs with no RFI 
from their transmitters. 

It is the WIRED connections to the router (including possibly the 
power supply) and/or its poor shielding that are acting as receive 
antennas for your HF signal. So I would say that it is that model of 
router that is the problem, not the fact that it is a wireless hub. 

Routers are not supposed to pick up HF radio signals!  Return the 
Netgear unit as defective and get your money back. 

But keep your ferrites -- virtually every network box I've ever seen 
generates birdies in the ham bands, so you'll still need them! The 
virtue of wireless routers is that if there are no wires connected 
to them, the birdies are a lot weaker (because the only antennas are 
the power supply lead and the internal wiring that isn't adequately 


Jim K9YC

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