Topband: DSL line disconnect on topband

N2TK tony.kaz at
Wed Feb 6 09:31:37 EST 2008

When I use a Netgear WGT624 v2 wired/wireless router I get a disconnect with
DXBase when I transmit more than about 30W on 80 and 160M. I have tried
ferrite everywhere and filters to no avail. It doesn't matter if I am using
it wired or wireless.
I replaced the  router with an older wired Linksys BEFSR41. No problems.
Can't get it to disconnect no matter how much power I am running on 80 and
160M without using any filters. .

I am inclined to buy a wired/wireless Linksys router as it is easier in the
shack if I can have both wired and wireless. 

The question - Do you think the problem is a Netgear problem or having the
capability in a router for wireless? Has anyone seen this problem with a
Linksys wireless router?

N2TK, Tony

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