Topband: Radials

David Cole g3rcq at
Thu Feb 7 09:47:31 EST 2008

Hi all and thanks for all the help on how deep to bury radials. 

My question this time - I am going to put in a 4 square and following ON4UN's book 4th ed page 11-85 states that it is standard procede to install a bus and the radials that would overlap are cut short and soldered to the bus.

Question  - is this a must or can I simple fan the radials out and allow the radials to cross over and not be soldered to  central bus - 
For me this makes things so much easier as I can prepare all the radials to a standard length connect them to the central plate and then place them evenly around the perimeter of each of the 4 verticals.

Also is there any advantage to placing another radial system in the centre of the 4 square - over the top of the radials coming from each vertical? 

If I do have to solder - I am under the impression that ordinery solder will not stand up to the forces of nature - is this true and if so how can I combat this - maybe coating in a rubber solution - any ideas? 

Many thanks for reading my question and I look forward to receiving replies. - regards Dave G3RCQ

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