Topband: Daytime Propagation

Jon Zaimes AA1K jz73 at
Fri Feb 8 15:18:41 EST 2008

>  Unfortunately, a couple of NA station were CQ-ing 
> in the DX window, perhaps thinking that there could be no 
> DX during day-light. They had some great DX right under 
> them.
We shouldn't blame the guys who were using the Window in daylight -- the 
rules specifically allow that:

"Please observe the DX window from 1830 to 1835 kHz during the hours of 
darkness. The DX window is for intercontinental contacts."

 IF there is going to be a DX Window (and that's another discussion 
entirely) it should be day and night since it is so easy for stations in 
daylight to QRM stations in darkness who are still working lots of DX.

73/Jon AA1K
Felton, Delaware

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