Topband: Self Sealing Silicone Tape

doktorij at doktorij at
Fri Feb 8 13:50:42 PST 2008

I missed the details of the tar question, but some of the follow up posts seemed like my two cents worth was appropriate ;o)

For sealing connectors and splices I have moved to self sealing silicon tape. I've used coax seal,  RTV, electrical tape, dips, liquid electrical tape and other things that decorum does not allow me to mention. This stuff isn't cheap. It can be found in most major hardware stores as well as a number of online vendors, often in the plumbing department as it is commonly used to seal garden hose.

When installed correctly, it holds up very well under adverse conditions and seals like a dream. Of course many things do BUT when you need to open the joint for inspection it comes off with ease using a knife or razor AND doesn't leave sticky or hardened residue.

Steppir supplies it with their antennas to seal element joints. I've used it on aluminum tubing as well as coax, heliax and wire joints FWIW...

Hope to work a few of you in a few hours in the RSGB test.


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