Topband: Coax Connector Sealing Alternative

Nelson Moyer ku0a at
Sun Feb 10 10:57:21 PST 2008

Here's another coax connector sealing option I discovered. I've been using
ComfortSeal Rope Caulk manufactured by Dennis & Company to seal all of my
coax connectors and coax pass-throughs. It's hydrophobic, easy to work at
temperature ranges above 50 degrees F, won't stick to your fingers, is easy
to remove after years of service, and when applied properly, has never
failed me. Since I've been using this product, I don't have to use plastic
electrical tape at all, though you may want to tape over the caulk if you
live in a dusty environment, since particles stick to it when it's pliable.
Below 50 degrees F it's too stiff to mold and dust won't stick to it. The
only precaution I take it to limit the amount of coax flexing at the
connection, since flexing will open the seal on the coax end, especially
under cold conditions when the caulk is relatively non-pliable. Taping
eliminates this problem. This product is available at home supply stores,
and it's inexpensive. It's much more user friendly than Coax Seal!

Nelson, KU0A

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