Topband: Beverages and wire fences?

Neil Carr G0JHC g0jhc at
Thu Feb 14 02:39:20 EST 2008

I have the option to run a beverage  across the top of a wire fence. Similar
to the picture before (that is not my QTH!)



The fence is **NOT** electric. But it's not mine and I need to be discrete.
I have obtained permission.



My question is how close can I run the Bev wire to the fence wires without


Do I need to extend the fence ports and have it XYZ distance above, or can I
fix it to the existing  posts and not worry that the Parallel fence wire is
only a few inches away, or am I asking for major interaction issues?



Any real world or theory observations on this  appreciated.




Neil G0JHC 






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