Topband: VP6DX - Who knows he knows

Dave G4GED daves_shack at
Thu Feb 14 17:02:03 EST 2008

 "Jarda OK1RD" wrote
> Just a couple of day of Dxpedition operation on 160m band, you all would
> agree with me that, the low band operation of the VP6DX came up to
> expectations. Their signals from the first day on 160m was excellent,
> operators know when to go on the air, when to ask for EU only and fully 
> play
> upon topband opening window towards EU. The operator knows how to pick up
> station and takes notice of qso confirmation from both sides to make 
> correct
> 2-way qso. I worked them on all my 3 callsigns and it was really joy to 
> make
> this type of contacts.
They are a truly outstanding Dxpedition team.

Lets hope the DX community will be generous with their donations, not only 
to help offset the team's  huge expenses but to give them the encouragement 
to plan further exotic Pacific Operations for our enjoyment!!

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