Topband: Friday morning foolishness

N7DF n7df at
Fri Feb 15 09:35:50 EST 2008

This morning VP6DX was 20 over nine on 1822 with very few callers.  I decided to call him QRP at 5 watts and he came back and said I was a true 599 plus.  So I reduced power to 1 watt and he said I was still 599.  I then reduced power to 100 milliwatts and he copied me at 559.  He then suggested that we try ESP.  I increased power to 50 watts and asked him what card I was thinking of.  He guessed an Ace of Spades but it was actually the King of Hearts.  Guess propagation wasn’t as good as we thought!

73 From Number 7 Desert Fox

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