Topband: VP6DX on TB Answer

Jarda OK1RD ok1rd at
Sat Feb 16 07:33:01 EST 2008

Dear TopBanders,
I have got a lot of E-mails as reaction to my last submission concerning the
VP6DX top band operation. Almost all reports where negative criticizing me
for working them ( VP6DX ) under my 3 legal callsings which could cut the
opportunity for the other stations to work DXpediton.
I apologize to those who feel it that way but I spent lot of an effort ( and
money ) to build up my antenna systems ( see: ) ; the test of
it under 
" Dxpeditons conditions "  is the only reward for me. And due to its
effectiveness I usually do not occupy the frequency for long time.
The main reason of my report was the appreciation of Dietmar´s low band team
Further I wanted to impart results of my experience with 8 Circle antenna
which can be seen mostly as more better antenna than widely used Beverages.
I want to underline that I am doing ( 44 years on 160m band ) this HAM radio
hobby for my enjoy as doing the same you all, I hope. 
Finally I must mention that I also did one's bit by my personal DXpeditions
activities by operating as T30R, T32RD,T33RD,J8OK, KP2/OK1RD, 3B8/OK1RD.
3D2TN etc
. All expeditions above I paid from my own pocket without sponsors
and did it for HAM community mainly and for my personal enjoy of course too.
Thank you all for understanding
73 Jarda OK1RD, OK7XX


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