Topband: overcoming qrn

Jim Hoge knowkode at
Sun Feb 17 09:29:53 EST 2008

Greetings topbanders,
  This weekend's contest was an exercise in frustration with all the weather and severe weather we had. When I wasn't disconnecting the antennas, I was struggling to hear anyone over and through the qrn generated from the storms. I had to venture as far up as 20m to have a relatively static crash free receiving environment. The question put to the group is this: What do you or can you do to lessen the impact of the qrn on your reception? This year, I did not erect my K9AY loop, rather using just my transmit antenna which is an inverted vee with an apex of only 40 feet. My transceiver is a Yaesu Mk-V with a good compliment of Inrad filters. I don't expect miracles but I would be happy with an effective bandaid.
  Jim W5QM

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