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Here in Texas on 160 meters, QRN is well known. I have found the best
weapon against severe QRN is a good dummy load. However, one must
take care to use double shielded coax with good connectors between
the dummy load and the receiver, least the QRN find a path into the
system and distort the peacefrul quietness that this arrangement brings.

Dave, W5UN

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One of my elmers - W2PHF now SK - was a Navy op on "500Kcs"  from the 
tropics in Central America post WW2. He claimed the QRN gave him 
Parkinsons disease (which he died from).  If the QRN did that to him it 
certainly didn't effect his CW operating negatively as he could pull 
out stations through all sorts of summertime lightning crashes. He'd 
only QRT when the storms were virtually down the block.  He also told 
me to set the sidetown as low as I could here and ran his rig sub 350hz.
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