Topband: Overcoming severe QRN

Art k6xt at
Mon Feb 18 22:32:45 EST 2008

> W2PM Replies> 
He also told
> me to set the sidetown as low as I could here and ran his rig sub 350hz.

In ARRL CW this wkend a LZ came up on 40 maybe S5. Only thing, a 
California 6 was CQn about 50Hz up the band maybe S9++. What's a fella 
to do? New mult, Sunday AM at sunrise, last chance. I set the audio as 
low as it would go, maybe 150Hz so the 50Hz difference became a large 
percentage of the audio freq. The LZ popped right out. It works like 
magic. Oh, and turned AGC off too. It's a older rig (IC765) without DSP 
where turning off the AGC actually turns it off. Probably could not have 
done this with my Orion.

73 Gud DX
Art the Colorado 6

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