Topband: Need More Help Getting rid of Router Birdies

k3bu at k3bu at
Thu Feb 21 08:50:27 EST 2008

> It would seem the birdies are being radiated by the 
> CAT Cable and the ferrite is not attenuating it at all. I also 
> tried a 
> clip on ferrite and no effect. I don't have any shielded 
> Network cable 
> and all I read is that really should not be necessary.
> > 
> > Ed W0SD

Make sure you are using CAT5 cables.
If you are putting ferrite chokes, make sure they are at both ends of the cables. 
Check the router and its power cord that they do not radiate and form the ground loops between them and rest of the computers.
You could shield the CAT cables by using some braid and grounding it at one end.

73 GL

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