Topband: Need More Help Getting rid of Router Birdies

Michael Brown k9mi at
Thu Feb 21 11:10:04 EST 2008

Hi Ed,
This was a major subject on the RFI reflector for a while. Living on a small 
lot with a tribander at 40' and inverted v's for 40&80 (I procrastinated and 
didn't get an antenna up for 160 this year), and wireless has been the only 
thing that fixed the problem for me. I don't know if there is a Cat5 cable 
out there with enough shielding to fix the problem or not. I think of runs 
of Cat5 as antennas, and at least for me the cure was using a wireless 
router. The Cat5 cable seems to make a great transmitting and receiving 
antenna, at least for me.

73, Mike K9MI

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