Topband: HY-Tower 160m operation & fire

Bob Wolters bobw5xc at
Mon Feb 25 23:13:28 EST 2008

Per inquiry from Jeff, K7XQ   :

Two important things to note from the Hy-Gain instructions :

1)  NEVER climb the Hy-Tower !  It is not intended to support the weight

     of even one person. !

     The insulator is already ruined at the point it started to burn,
and there
     is no chance for anything else to burn.  So you are literally
risking your
     life for no reason.  (If the base insulators fail with the extra

2)  You did not state if you are using a base loading coil or the 100+
      wire and trap extension. But I will assume you were using a base
      coil.  In this case the tower is only rated for 100 W power for
the very
      reason that the two insulators Hy-Gain provides are only capable
of that.

      (If you use the 40m trap and 100+ foot wire option it should be
        of a KW.)

      If you want to get it fixed so you can operate 160M, here is what
I did.

      I replaced the original insulators with custom-made Teflon
insulators from
      a local fabricating shop here in the Houston area. You will have
to take the
      tower down and disassemble it.   I had the fab shop make a one
foot long
      section of virgin Teflon that is exactly the inside diameter of
the pipe
      section OD that it has to go over, and 1/2" thick.   They then cut
that into
      two  6"  pieces.   A couple of years ago it cost me $65 for the
      ( If you can't find a local place to do it (recommended) contact
      It would be good idea to take the piece of aluminum tubing that
the insulators
      will go over to the fab shop with you so they can get the inside
diameter right.

      You will also need to enlarge the hole in the plates it goes
through at the top.
       I did this with a saber saw and a metal cutting blade, and I
touched up the
       raw exposed steel with cold Galvanizing spray. Leave a 1/4" gap
to insulator.

   Works great on 160m with no more chance of voltage breakdown and fire


Bob        W5XC

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