Topband: black hole ??

Dan Edward Dba East edwards dan.n.edwards at
Wed Apr 15 22:04:24 PDT 2009

hey, i KNOW.........
I lived near Portland OR from 74 to 78, when i was in optometry school.
that was TOUGH on the low bands!! one of the reasons i moved back
to 5 land!!
but, used to work EI8H on 75m ssb semi-regurlarly.
re S04R: still weak tonite here. -3db ESP. i have a new local spur from 
1818 to 1828 with my rx 4sq, from the desired direction. real nice. suburban 
guess the land barons will take the cake (again)
btw, G3JMJ is Q5 on 1835.5
entertaining, at least, to hear N4KG accidentally call him on HIS freq.
by accident i'm sure, and a brief mistake we have all made at one
time or another.
still trying. 'if it was easy, anybody could do it'........
73, w5xz

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