Topband: [Fwd: Re: 1.99?]

Art k6xt at
Mon Apr 27 22:41:03 PDT 2009

Tree wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 10:54:56AM -0400, W7lr at wrote:
>> I know there are problems in doing such tests.  Tx antenna bandwidth,  band 
>> frequency assignments, 160 band usage at the high end, etc.  Most rx  
>> antennas probably work all over the band.  Does a 1.99 MHz qso count for  160, 
>> like we did with JA around 1.9 MHz before?  
> Sure a 1.99 MHz QSO would count for 160.  I have often wondered what the 
> propagation would be like up there.  I once did a quick QSY with some DX
> station (I forget who it was) to try it - but more experimentation would 
> be needed.
> I would be happy to retune my antenna for that frequency and run some tests.
> Tree N6TR
> tree at

re retuning: Me too. Great idea! In addition to our main bang DXing some 
of us get in domestic 160 CW contests; would be good to see how that end 
of the band would play.
73 Art

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