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> Generally everything looked good....reflected power close to 1:1 across 
> the
> whole range EXCEPT that as I tuned from 1.7 up to 10 mhz there were small
> peaks in the reflected power reading.  These were not large excursions 
> but,
> say, from 1.2 average up to 1.3.  There were several of these.  I never
> noticed them on other antennas and did not make measurements when I
> installed these antennas as the weather was becoming miserable in 
> December.

> Bill, VE3CSK

Well this may or may not be directly related to your problem Bill.

I hooked up an RF FS Meter to one one of my beverages about 6 weeks ago 
while I was doing some FS measurements on other antennas and I found that my 
beverages are picking up power from somewhere. On the FS setting the needle 
rises up one unit. At times it rises two units. And on the odd weekend it 
will pin the meter for a second or two. This all happens while the shack is 
unplugged and everything is turned off. The max peaks I assume are the 
neighbours doing "something" but the constant reading 24/7 I can't explain. 
The power lines here are under ground and the nearest HV line is 10 Km away.

Anyone else also have this problem? I have ruled out UFO's and rotating 
black holes so far.


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