Topband: Magnum 160 VX2 or Cushcraft MA160V?

Szegedy szegedy.zolilaci at
Tue Sep 15 14:40:24 PDT 2009

Dear Friend!

I 'm not a big antenna maker,so I think of buying a low band vertical .But which one? 
Which is the different in efficiency between Magnum 160VX2 and Cushcraft MA160V? Anybody have it?
What about comparing this vertical to a inverted L which is:18m vert and 22m horizontal size?
I live a city ,I have a short dipole for 160m band in inverted V shape and after zig zag because of limited space.The balun of the dipole  is only 8m high above the roof,
ends of the dipole is only 2m above the roof.Bad efficiency.At 100W I 'm week in Europe,I need my linear to use to contact europian station,no DX at all.The roof is 20meter by 26meter.
What is the best solution and efficient antenna for me? Magnum 160VX2 or  Cushcraft MA160V or inverted L?Any idea?
What about buying a 18m fiberglass pole to hold a home-made vertical or inverted L?

                                            Thanks:Laszlo HA5BZR

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